After effects – Mental health with Cats

This Persuasive Video ad helps to implement how mental health can be improved through getting a pet, specifically a cat. The reduce of stress and anxiety are said to be a form of aid. Cats are said to help mental health and ultimately reduce mental health. The purrs that cats make can help to reduce pains and sad emotions. This Project was exciting and fun as using Audio, transitions, and text that move are something i’m unfamiliar with. I was able to experience learning a new media and can now apply it to future projects. Taking what i learned and my mistakes will allow progress to be seen for my future projects.

After effects Video – Crochet

Crochet is one of my favourite hobbies, it’s rewarding and fun as it allows you to create things that can be worn and reduce anxiety and stress. The purpose of this project was to not only grow attention towards the benefits of crochet but how fashion can be made through your ability to learn a creative outlet and reduce consumption of clothing. Something I continue to improve everyday is the consumption of less clothes which i admit struggle to do. This as well is targeted to those who want to be more efficient while watching tv and tune into doing activities.

This was my first time using adobe after effects, i found i struggled with using this media as it was a bit overwhelming and complicated at first. I would apply my mistakes to future projects to how they could be improved. I think this was a good first start but needed better photos as well as better transitions.

Photoshop – Styling

My Fashion Styling Poster and Advertisement! This poster was designed to be made as a styling advertisement for those who The purpose is to aid in making shopping and or styling clothing easier for a person. Those seeking the need to feel good in what they wear. So forth they are put together and ready for this event. The idea of this is to shape personality and identity through dress. I have made designs through photoshop before but have never designed something like this, I am very pleased to how it turned out though. Although, i would probably position the photos differently onto the page i still think this was a cool concept for something i have never tried.

Illustrator Poster

A poster Design I created for a Vintage Curated Thrift Store. The idea of this store is an ethical and sustainable alternative from fast fashion and straying away from big corporation thrift stores. And corporations who profit off of capitalism and consumers. A local small business thriving on community and change for the world. I made this Poster design using adobe Illustrator and it was my first time creating a real project on here. I thought it was fun and exciting and am excited for where my journey with illustrator will take me. I would like to see how i can improve, whether thats with making a logo or more creative poster.