About Me!

My name is Meghan, I am a second year student in Creative Industries, studying at Toronto Metropolitan University.I am from Vancouver, BC but am living here because i’m attending school here. Things i miss about BC is the unforgettable scenery that i would take for granted everyday and the nice calm weather and season we receive each year.

I live downtown with my 2 roommates and our cat. I find creativity throughout them as they can be an outlet as expression for myself at times of having a creative block.

I have a passion for fashion, arts, and creativity and like to DIY many things myself like clothing crafts and decor. I love getting to use my style as a base for creating art. To me, fashion is an art form that interacts with identity and personality, our bodies are canvases that can be used to create pieces. With studying this interesting degree, I’d like to work in the industry of fashion and work towards doing a creative job that allows me to be flexible and enjoy going into work everyday.